LHC science video from Jesse Dylan?

Okay, so here’s test number two, in which I try to hyperlink.  Here goes:

According to an article in today’s “New York Times,” Jesse Dylan — seen with his father, folksinger Bob Dylan, in the 1968 photo above — is in the final stages of a film about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Has anyone heard anything about this? Is it a documentary, a short, a feature?

The Times’ piece only mentions it in passing, saying that Jesse Dylan screened a preview copy in Los Angeles a few days ago, in front of a variety of physicists, including some from CERN who were the driving force behind the LHC.

An article in The Wall Street Journal entitled “Jesse Dylan Experiments With Science; an accomplished director turns his camera on medical research” says that the younger Dylan has done a number of movies, ranging from “American Wedding” to rock videos with Elvis Costello, along with science documentaries — which previously focused on health.

The science documentaries, say the Journal, “present the latest information on a range of diseases in an easy-to-understand, aesthetically appealing way.”

“Mr. Costello, who’s seen Mr. Dylan’s recent science videos, said he makes them ‘with the same ruthlessness you need trying to follow the rhythm of a song.’ As for Mr. Dylan, he sees a further connection, realizing as he worked on the science-video projects that there is — just like in music — ‘lyricism and poetry to science.’ ”

Hope to find out more about it!

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